Knot Easily Broken Power Couple Playbook

Randy & Michelle Harden


Book Endorsement: Most people try to successfully operate a product without first reading the manual. When you don’t understand the mind of the Creator, you defeat the purpose of the Creator. Marriage is God’s product, and He has a manual for it. Randy and Michelle have masterfully translated God’s marriage principles in a unique and impactful way. Their love story is a testament to God’s grace, and their footprints of marital triumph have become the blueprint we read today.

In Knot Easily Broken: The Power Couple’s Playbook, Randy and Michelle show us that marriage is a fight; but it’s not a fight against each other, it’s a fight for each other. I highly recommend this book if you want to win in the game of relationships called marriage.

— Dr. Rhema and Dr. Stephanie Ehiemere