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I help content creators brand and monetize their digital content by launching podcasts, books & talk shows to the world.

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Whatever You Do Brand You


Askthebrandmaster is a branding agency that focuses on the concept, development, and strategy for building a powerful personal-professional brand. Building a strategic plan for clients to execute includes tracking success, which is one of our primary goals.

The agency's key Principal and Visioneer is Michelle R. Harden, The Brand Master. With over 20 years of experience in the marketplace, she is acclaimed as the modern-day Harriet Tubman. Her ability to hear the vision, receive downloads and articulate the strategy is nothing short of amazing.

The Agency's four pillars: Engage, Empower, Execute & Excellence

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 Dream Tank Masterclass 

The Brandmaster will teach attendees how to use MINDMAPPING MATRIX their Purpose, Passion & Pain in 4 components to successfully birth their ideas:



The Brandmaster, Michelle Harden is the CEO of Kingdom View Inc., a multimedia company that creates, manages, and delivers strategies for global exposure. Harden is an author of Whatever You Do Brand You & Co-Author of Knot Easily Broken, Power Couple Playbook. She's a filmmaker, director, and executive producer of Exit to Freedom and TAWATHA. Congressional recognition of her leadership to Pastors, First Ladies & Non-Profit Organization. Currently a student at Houston Baptist University in the M.Div doctoral program.


If you are ready to experience seeing your ideas become reality, take your ideas from your head to paper through creating the possibilities of your dreams...take back your legacy... live a fulfilled life in purpose, people, process, and process.




Advertise your product, service, or event on a monthly basis for a fraction of the cost. Our loyal subscriber base is a faith-based audience of Pastors, First Ladies, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and General Readers. For more than 25 year, Kingdom View has serviced National and Prominent clients by distributing its promotions globally.

Many have been affected by the global pandemic and are restricted to a limited budget as we all adjust to our new normal. We are here to help you with one of the popular services we offer in our eblast service. Our prices are SLASHED!


We were the first in the industry to launch eblast networking in 1997 and have built a loyal subscriber base of OVER 85K. Kingdom View is respected and noted for entities of multimedia, branding and marketing, and consultant services.

4 Pillars of Service

We pride our services in four areas of authority and excellence. Our clients are our number one focus to see their visions become a reality. Learning to Master their Brands is the core of our business to engage, empower, operate in excellence, and execute with a plan of action.

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Knot Easily Broken Power Couple Playbook was written by Randy & Michelle Harden. This book includes The Harden's story, Playbook, and 7-Day Prayer Journey


Believe in You

It's time to believe in yourself, bet on yourself, and build yourself! Watch this inspiring self-branding video to help you see more in yourself than what others see. The great mystery is seeing clearly what has not yet been manifested.

Let's silence the noise of the voices that predict recycled years. Believe, invest and see you better than ever.

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Register today for Cyber Monday Special Offer for Content Creators and Authors. It's a Virtual Podcast Mastermind with The Brandmaster on November 29, 2021, from 6p - 8p. According to Podcast Facts, over 55% of the US population has listened to a podcast - that is over 155 million people! Wouldn’t you like to know how to position yourself as the one creating this content, instead of just sitting on the sideline as a listener?

This is a NEW ERA that is not returning to paper & pen, everything is DIGITAL.

Brand & Monetize your Digital Content Challenge is here. Are you ready to level up and dominate your industry?

With this mentorship program, participants will receive:

  • FREE Podcast Tipsheet
  • 2-hour Interactive Course
  • Private Zoom/Chat
  • Create Podcast Thumbnail

The course overview will cover podcast planning, platform, production & profit. Discover why many content creators are utilizing the digital platform to expand and get paid from their brands.

Where can your podcast land? Here are a few distributors that are waiting on you. So get started by registering for the Mastermind - Click Here to Sign-Up

Get Unlimited Access to Brand Concierge Services

Whether you are thinking about writing a book, starting a podcast, launching a YouTube channel, or just trying to create a personal brand, you must think DIGITALLY. And that’s where I can help! Take your content to the next level with the help of my PIVOT program designed to help you create your digital footprint and monetize it all through social media!

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Complimentary Coaching Call (30-Mins)

Book a 30-minute brand strategy consultation to meet The Brandmaster. Experience a life-changing opportunity that will unlock hidden ideas and strategies to yield the full potential of your powerful personal brand.

This is a micro-virtual interview that lets you explore the services of Askthebrandmaster and ask questions regarding services provided.

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CYBER MONDAY       Brand & Monetize Your Digital Content MASTERMIND 1-DAY

Introduction to the Brand & Monetize Your Podcast+ & More. PIVOT to Digital Revolution MASTERMIND 1-Day Virtual Session.

Attendees will learn How to Brand & Monetize their Digital Content. This session would be for entrepreneurs with content they would like to position globally on a podcast (video or audio) or a talk show platform.

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Brand and Monetize Your Digital Content CHALLENGE

PIVOT to Digital Revolution CHALLENGE 5-Day Virtual Session. Attendees will learn How to Brand & Monetize their Digital Content. This session would be for entrepreneurs with content they would like to position globally on a podcast (video or audio) or a talk show platform.

The 5-Day Challenge will have a special topic each day from the Introduction of Podcast, Products, Production, Position, Platforms, Profit, of Podcasting

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Consultant Packages

The Brandmaster offers packages to assist Entrepreneurs to dominate in the digital marketplace. These packages have been customized just for you to

DIY (Do It Yourself) | DIWY (Do It With You), either way, you will receive the information needed to produce what you desire. The DIWY gives you access to The Brand Master to assist you on a 6-Month Weekly Program. There are additional benefits that will help you and the most important is accountability.

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Askthebrandmaster Courses & Specials

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PIVOT Mastermind Webinar

Ready to learn how to brand & monetize your digital content and take your platform global? Join me for this one-hour mastermind webinar where I will introduce you to my PIVOT program -

  • P - Planning (mind-mapping)
  • I - Innovative
  • V - Virtual (podcasting and how to monetize)
  • O - Occupy (opportunity to occupy in every industry with digital content)
  • T - Take action (put everything together and learn to start)

The webinar is available for General Admission and VIP Pass, all attendees get full access to a Private Facebook Group, and VIP registration gets an extra hour pre-show!

Interested in attending my live event?

Join us on November 29th for the Digital Revolution Mastermind - Register Today.

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